Kyle Chisamore

Introducing Kyle Chisamore, a trading virtuoso who has embarked on a remarkable journey, turning $26 into a staggering 40 BTC in under four years. Kyle is not just a trader; he's a blockchain expert with an extraordinary track record in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

With an impressive 88% success rate in his trading strategy over the past three years, Kyle's insights are invaluable to both novice and seasoned traders alike. Regardless of the size of the trading account, Kyle adheres to his golden rule: "Always protect your capital." This unwavering commitment to risk management has been a cornerstone of his success.

Kyle's trading approach is a finely tuned blend of strategy and conservatism. He relies on a combination of value areas, formations, and market structure to guide him towards safe trades. This method not only preserves capital but also ensures consistent growth in trading accounts, propelling them to new levels of financial success.

Investment Per 1:1 Coaching Session: $300

Shim Moore

Shim Moore is an international award winning, Platinum selling artist.

Starting as a child actor, he quickly worked his way up from Australian movie star to international ROCK STAR. With a highly coveted skill set of how to achieve “Large long term goals” - Shim was approached by the head of his record label to coach their employees and emerging artists on mindset and growth.

Over his 20 years of private coaching he has worked with people in all walks of life to improve performance in business, relationships, personal growth, money and more.

Investment Per 1:1 Coaching Session: $150

Nas (Thesis) Briseno

Meet Thesis, a trader with a unique and highly specialized approach to the world of trading. Thesis's trading strategy is a masterful blend of precision and finesse. His secret weapon? Fibonacci retracements.

Thesis's expertise lies in his uncanny ability to harness the power of Fibonacci retracements to provide sniper-like entries in the short-term trading arena. Just as Jackie Chan seamlessly catches knives in his movies, Thesis deftly identifies market opportunities with pinpoint accuracy. These precise entries offer a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of trading, allowing for swift gains and razor-sharp stop losses.

Thesis's trading style is all about seizing opportunities quickly and efficiently. His strategy not only enables traders to capitalize on rapid price movements but also ensures tight risk management through strategically placed stop losses. This combination of quick gains and tight stop losses paves the way for higher leverage and potential for substantial profits.

Investment Per 1:1 Coaching Session: $125